Oxbow Bend, Jackson Hole

Twilight On The Tufas, Mono Lake

Hillside Barn, Amish Country

Sandbars at Sunset, Cape Cod

Foliage Reflections

Foliage Reflections

Beargrass Sunrise, Glacier NP

Abstraction of A Sunny Day at the Beach, Cape Cod

Ghosts of Yosemite Valley

Death Valley

Death Valley Just After A Sand Storm

Jordon Pond, Acadia NP 

Fishing Pier, Jersey Shore

Acadia NP

Somewhere Between Nebraska And Colorado

Colorado Aspens

Boulder Field, Hickory Run

Abstraction of Sun and Tide, Cape Cod

Praying Mantis

Seawall, Acadia NP

Borage officinalis "Starflower"

Wetlands, Jasper NP

 Pine Barrens of NJ

Death Valley

Ricketts Glen, PA

Jersey Shore

Poppy-Flowered Anemone "Mona Lisa Lavender Shades"

Pine Barrens of NJ

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