Peter Hewitt, Photographic Artist
Doylestown, PA  18901
(m) +1 908.405.8512
Exploring nature with my camera is what inspires me and motivates me to be an artist. For me, creating a work of art is as much about the mastery of composition, visual storytelling, and the tools, as it is personal life experiences, and one's connection to the subject. It often requires good planning, patience, and a bit of luck. 
Sometimes it is difficult to describe in words what I will see and want to photograph, or not. But it always starts with something that unexpectedly catches my eye and leads me to be curious. For me, it is often about subtle and sometimes overlooked elements of nature.
There is always a graphical component in my images that leads the eye to explore line, shape, color, and texture with a touch of my artistic aesthetics of the natural mood as I experience it to share the natural world with others as photographic art. Patterns and textures are one of the most important visual tools that I like to use for photography. These can be natural, simple or complex.
Interestingly, I find the most joy in the process of exploring in wild unspoiled places, experimenting with subject matter and compositional approaches, and not necessarily in the result of having “keeper” images after most any day out in nature.
I always look forward to making prints because in their highest form they use the unique combinations of the artist's vision, choice of paper, printing processes, and framing to transform images into their most powerful expressions of photography. 
As John Sexton has so beautifully stated about printing: “… It’s the magic that can be exciting, disappointing, rewarding, and frustrating all in the same few moments …”

I was a molecular diagnostics development scientist for many years before turning my full attention to becoming a photographic artist around thirteen years ago.
The skills that I have as a scientist have helped me to appreciate that creative thinking always begins with a foundation of knowledge, learning a discipline, and mastering a way of thinking.
I enjoy being a part of a photographic community in and around Bucks County Pennsylvania, being in a photographic exhibition from time to time, as well as, a resource to fellow photographers for fine art printing, framing, and coaching services.
I like to create printed images that can turn viewers heads or stop them in their tracks the same way that something might catch my eye when I am exploring with my camera. These simple things feed my creative soul and make me happy.
Thanks for your interest.
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