The most common issues that can delay or prevent printing at the time of Client Prepared "Print Ready" File Services  requested are as follows:
(1) Clients are using an uncalibrated computer monitor that is too bright,
(2) Images have not been sufficiently optimized with the right balance of compositional elements and/or visual cues (i.e. lines, light, shapes, tonal relationships, sense of depth...),
(3) Images have been over/underexposed and critical data has been lost to achieve the desired print output,
(4) Clients request image optimization services but the bit-depth of their image files are too small (i.e. 8-bit vs. 16-bit), and,
(5) Clients have optimized their images in a work environment where the color temperature and brightness of their room  lighting is not controlled (i.e. Color casts like yellow light from a standard light  bulb have  interfered with the viewers ability to accurately assess how the eyes and brain will interpret the true colors.) The ideal photo-editing work environment should have a 4700K daylight color temperature.
Many of the most common issues that can delay or prevent printing at the time of requested services can be solved by Peter Hewitt Fine Art Printing, if necessary, for a flat fee of $50 per image.

As always, all printing and framing services are guaranteed to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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