We live in the age of computers and iphones. Many photographers post to facebook, instagram and other sites. It is a great way to share art. But ... there is nothing like a high quality print. No comparison!!!!! I have tried printing myself and do ok but prints created by a professional printer who has studied the art of printing will always be better. I was introduced to Peter and he opened my eyes. His printing is magical. He has tweaked my photographs so detail and contrast and composition jump off the page. Each type of paper he uses gives my prints their own personality. The Black and Whites show detail that a computer screen just can't show. I was getting tired of my "oldies and goodies" that I have edited over the years. The prints Peter has printed for me has allowed me to love them again.
I have studied economics and quickly understood that to buy a worthy printer and try to do it myself does not pay. Peter's prices are very fair (especially since they are totally custom) ... it just doesn't make sense to try to do it myself and most printers that are mail order just cannot bring the custom touch. Thank you Peter for the education you have given me in displaying my photographs and taking them from ordinary to magical.
----- Robert Grossman  -----

I was gifted a free print from Peter about two years ago and wasn't sure exactly what to expect after having spent many years sending images out to commercial print houses and a few local printers.
The first thing that impressed me was the time that Peter took to ask questions and ensure that the specs for the image file would be reflected in the printed image.
The level of service that Peter provides is incomparable to anything I have experienced before. To finally be able to see test prints and a final image that was consistent with what I saw on the computer screen was a game changer and has encouraged me to make the effort to print and frame more pieces. I am no longer amassing a collection of unsatisfactory prints which end up either in the garbage or packed away.
In addition to printing, Peter has assisted me in framing many of my prints and I have been extremely impressed with the quality, turnaround time, and value for such a professional result. 
Once you take a work to print, I believe that you have followed it through to completion and with Peter, you will learn how to do that successfully.
-----  Jennifer Gershon  -----

Peter has been doing all of my exhibition printing for several years and I couldn’t be happier. The level of service he provides is unmatched anywhere in this universe and the quality of his prints is always impeccable.
While many people don’t realize it, professional / exhibition level printing is an entirely different animal than your typical consumer product. Fine art printing, done properly, is not an easy task and you really benefit from having someone who will work with you, and work for you, to produce an exceptional image. The little details are incredibly important at this level and I have found that Peter’s process, equipment, paper selection, and most importantly, willingness to share his experience has led to a dramatic improvement in the quality of my prints.
As an exhibition director, perhaps the highest praise I can give Peter is that I can tell when a photographer submits a print that has rolled through his printer. The prints are at the highest end of the quality scale and the difference is literally visible for all to see. In the end, that’s what matters isn’t it? 
-----  Henry Rowan, Pennsylvania Center for Photography  -----

I was really surprised after Peter printed my images for the first time on high quality paper and reviewed test prints with me as to how much of a difference it really made to my work. The one thing that I kept thinking about was how the amount of creativity and expertise that I put into my compositions could also be carried all the way through to the finished print. Not only has Peter delivered outstanding work, his services extend to include the option of virtual framing and mat selections that certainly help me to achieve the gallery exhibition look that I want. Thank you Peter for your advise and expertise in your services provided. I cannot imagine trusting anyone else with my work! 
-----  Suzan SL Gottshall  -----

Peter has been printing my exhibition work for a couple of years. I was previously using an online professional printing house, where the choice of paper was limited and I was unsure of how the finished product would look.
I noticed an immediate difference with Peter's work. I was able to see my work on several different papers and Peter made sure there were no color shifts from what I was seeing on my monitor to the actual print. He's a perfectionist and the work he puts into each print is incredible.
I have also used Peter's framing service to finish the piece for a museum quality result. 
-----  Kathy Cavallaro  -----

Peter is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, willingly to go above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy. Who does that?
A fine art photographer who offers fine art printing services sounded like a win-win to me and I wasn’t disappointed during my first appointment. Peter explained the entire process from the type of ink used to the types of paper available. Overwhelmed by the paper choices, he narrowed it down based on our conversation about my vision. Watching my three test prints as they printed, was exhilarating and yes, type of paper does make a difference. But wait, it doesn’t stop at the finished print, you can also have your print matted and framed. One stop for a fine art print by a master printer and if you choose, archival mat and frame. Who does that? 
Peter Hewitt the only choice for all my fine art printing. 
-----  Doré Vorum  -----

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